Employees are equipped with hand sanitizer and are maintaining a 6' distance

Thompson's Turf & Snow



With  the increased awareness and restrictions surrounding the COVID-19  virus, we wanted to keep you informed on what our plan is to best serve  our clients this spring.

The spring season for our industry is  always the busiest time of the year for any landscape company. We do not  expect this year will be any different; the grass will still need cut,  mulch will need installed, new trees will need planted and the list goes  on.

We are taking the COVID-19 situation very seriously and are  taking as much precaution as we possibly can to continue to provide the  service our clients expect.

All crew members are supplied with an unlimited amount of hand sanitizer and instructed to utilize it. Additionally they know to maintain a 6' distance from anyone they come in contact with, including other crew members.  All employees are working under their own will and have the option to stay home if they feel more comfortable.

Thank you to all of our very loyal clients and we look forward to a great 2020 season.